Redwood Meet

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We will NOT be going to Redwood tonight. There will be practice at regular time. Please spread the word.

Minneota there is no bus for you for the rest of the week. Tonight try to get a plyo or treadmill type workout in if you are able.

Minneota Athletes

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If you were on the list to compete tomorrow in Redwood you are allowed to come to the meet but your administration does not want you on the bus so you would need to have a ride to and from the meet. Please email me to let me know if you are planning to come or not. I need to update the computer so I need to know by 9 am tomorrow.


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Please be sure all fees and travel forms have been turned in prior to tomorrow’s meet. Also, if your son/daughter is not riding the bus but a parent is not the one driving them please email me so I know that you are aware they are not on the bus and that they have your permission to ride with the other person. Also, with the large numbers of Covid cases and quarantines we will need to know who rides together in the case of a positive case on the team. My email is

Also, the clothing order closes tonight. Click the link below to order.

For those not attending the meet there will be no practice. IF the meet would be canceled there would be practice for everyone.

Also, please be sure to let us know if you are going to be absent or are ill. Most have been pretty good about it but we have had several people that haven’t let us know that they would be gone. Thank you.

Track Fundraising Opportunity

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We have an opportunity for a fundraiser on April 10. We would be providing food at a basketball tournament in Revillo. If you are interested/willing to help please contact Tony Ourada +1 (605) 360-3390.

Clothing Order Reopened

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The early clothing order items are going to be delivered on Monday. The store has reopened for those who still want to order and will close Wednesday night.

Redwood Valley Meet Info

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We will post who will be doing what events by Wednesday , April 7th.

I will need the travel release forms turned into me by next Wednesday as well. We will also need to know who will be riding the bus and who will not. IF you have your athlete ride with someone other than you please email me so that I know you are aware that they are not going on the bus. We do NOT want a bunch of kids saying they aren’t riding the bus then piling in a car and driving over.

March 30-April 1: 3:45 practice

Friday April 2: No practice

Monday April 5-Wednesday April 7: 3:45 practice

Thursday, April 8th: Varsity meet – no practice for those who do not go to the meet

Friday, April 9th: 3:45 practice

Attached are the Rules and Polies form as well as the travel release form. We will be discussing these items at practice today. If any parents or athletes have any questions feel free to contact me.

I am also attaching the tentative schedule. Note this may change depending on Covid. To find the most updated info please go to the Camden Conference site.

Just a reminder that we will begin practice on Monday. Practice begins at 3:45 and will end approximately 5:30. Please have clothing appropriate for both indoor and outdoor practice. Also, please listen to announcements as to where to meet for practice.

Covid protocols have changed a little since my last update. Meets can now have up to 8 teams as long as they do not exceed 250 participants. Practice protocols are still being worked on and will continue to be a work in progress. When we are outside and socially distant you will not need to have your mask up but you will need it up at all other times. Please be sure you have a mask with you. Hopefully, after today’s AD Conference meeting we will have more meets finalized so you know the schedule (weather & Covid premitting).

Feel free to contact me with any other questions you have. My email is

Clothing Order Closes Tonight

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Reminder the early clothing order ends tonight!