SDSU Update

Posted: March 29, 2019 in Uncategorized

I am posting the email I received from SDSU today.  Sunday I should have the final information but I know many of you have been wondering what time the events will be so you can plan your day.  Here is what I know as of now.

The start time for the meet will be 12pm on Monday.     With the uncertainty of the weather and track conditions we tried to accommodate as many schools as we could for this meet.     The field sizes are very large with many of the sprint races over 100+ athletes.     The field event sizes are also large and they may pose more of an issue than the track events in terms of finishing the meet by 9pm on Monday.     In the pole vault, the lowest we can go is 6’5”.     In the high jump, the girls opening height will be 4 feet and the boys opening height will be 5’0”.      In the long jump will measure all first jumps, but we will not measure jumps under 12’6” or boys jumps under 16’.       In the shot put where we have 100+ boys, again we will measure all first throws, but nothing under  30’.    For girls all first throws, but nothing under 20’   For the triple jump we will make a decision on a minimum mark based on time and the entrants after the long jump concludes.

Here is the estimated schedule (not the final schedule):   The field events are starting later because our student athletes run off these events.

Field Events

  3:00 PM                    B & G                 Long Jump

  3:00 PM                    B                         Shot Put  (cement ring)

  3:00 PM                    G                        Shot Put   Using the wood ring in throwing cage)

  3:00 PM                    G                        High Jump

  3:00 PM                    B                         Pole Vault

  6:00 PM                    B & G                 Triple Jump

  6:00 PM                    M                       High Jump

  6:00 PM                    G                        Pole Vault

  6:30 PM                    B & G                 Triple Jump

Running Events (Rolling Schedule-Sprint races fast to slow-Distance race slow to fast)

12:00 PM               G                             4 x 800m relay                                      Final

12:20 PM               B                              4 x 800m relay                                      Final

12:35 PM               G                             100m Dash                                            Final

1:05 PM                 B                              100m Dash                                            Final

1:40 PM                 G                             100m Hurdles                                       Final

1:55 PM                 B                              110m Hurdles                                       Final

2:10 PM                 G                             1600m run                                            Final

2:35 PM                 B                              1600m run                                            Final

3:10 PM                 G                             4 x 100m relay                                      Final

3:25 PM                 B                              4 x 100m relay                                      Final

3:40 PM                 G                             400m Dash                                            Final

4:00 PM                 B                              400m Dash                                            Final

Officials Break of 15 minutes

4:45 PM                 G                             300m Hurdles                                       Final

5:00 PM                 B                              300m Hurdles                                       Final

5:15PM                  G                             800m Run                                              Final

5:35 PM                 B                              800m Run                                              Final

5:55 PM                 G                             200m Dash                                            Final

6:25 PM                 B                              200m Dash                                            Final

6:55 PM                 G                             3200m Run                                           Final

7:10 PM                 B                              3200m Run                                           Final

7:45 PM                 G                             4 x 400m Relay                                     Final

8:15 PM                 B                              4 x 400m Relay                                     Final

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