SDSU Meet Info Update

Posted: April 2, 2017 in Uncategorized

I received an update from SDSU.  They had a LOT more people enter events than they had expected (about 1,000 athletes are entered).  Because of this they had to make a tough decision. Let the meet run until after 10:30 or cut a couple events.  They opted to cut a couple events – 4×2 and the medley.  

I am attaching a sheet with the events each person is entered in.  If you were in the medley or 4×2 be sure to check your events.  If you were in an open 200 or 400 check your events because we did make some changes due to the relays being dropped.

SDSU Events 4-3-17

4×8 Runners – They plan to start the 4×8 at 1:50 instead of 2 pm.

Lastly, here is the link to SDSU’s page.  Scroll down to the April 3 meet.  Here you will find the current schedule and heat sheet.  This may CHANGE slightly after the 11pm cutoff to make adjustments due to dropping the 4×2 and medley. You may want to check it in the am to verify times for the events.  This also has the link to the results as well.


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