Junior High Lakeview Meet 4/14/14

Posted: April 12, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lakeview Junior High Meet Info

JH at Lakeview 4.14.14

Grades 7-9 Athletes, we can make changes as needed to the events sheet. Check the first sheet and also check the BOYS or GIRLS tabs to be sure your events match on both pages – I often make mistakes!

The bus is leaving Canby at 2:30 and will pick up Minneota athletes at 2:50.

Those of you who have run in the varsity meets and will be running the varsity meets this coming Tuesday and Thursday are not required to run in this meet. Three meets are a lot in one week.

Monday has a predicted high temperature of 39 degrees with 15 mph winds. If this forecast holds true, it is quite likely they will not have this meet. If we do have the meet, please bring WINTER apparel as we will be outdoors for several hours. You will be allowed to wear tights and extra shirts under your uniform. You will also want to be wearing hats and gloves. Many athletes bring blankets to track meets.

The information sheet said that there will be NO concessions, so be sure to pack plenty of water, a sandwich, and other snacks.

Coaches Jessen and Hemish will be coming along to the meet, feel free to ask many questions as this will be the first meet for a lot of you. Good Luck and Have Fun!!

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