Meet Info for JH Meet @ Lakeview 4/25/11

Posted: April 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

Lakeview 7-9 Track Meet
Monday April 18th, 2011


Start Time:     4:00 Field Events ~ 4:30 Running Events

 Teams:  Canby/Minneota/Lincoln High, CMCS, Echo, Lakeview, RTR and YME


1.      The meet will be conducted according to the MSHSL Rules.
2.      Only 1/8” pyramid spikes will be allowed!
3.      Limit of 5 entries per individual event and 2 entries per relay (7-9 will compete against each other, relays can be mixed).
4.      Camps can be set up on the grass behind the bleachers and long jump area.
5.      Ribbons will be handed out for 1st through 6th place (7-9 will all be placed together).  No team score will be recorded.
6.      Please bring labels for all of your runners.  First and Last Name, School, Event
7.      Starting blocks are provided.
8.      Throwers and Jumpers will get four attempts.
9.      Starting heights for High Jump and Pole Vault will be decided before the meet.
10.  All hurdles will be run at Junior High height (30”).
11.  Lakeview will try and provide workers for all of the events, but we will be willing to take any volunteers we can get.
12.  Concessions will be available.

Order of Events:
Shot                 Boys then Girls
Disc                 Girls then Boys
High Jump       Girls then Boys
Long Jump       Boys then Girls
Pole Vault        Girls and Boys
Triple Jump      Girls then Boys
100 Low Hurdles         Girls – Boys
100 M Dash                 Girls – Boys
4X200 M Relay           Girls – Boys
1600 M Run                 Girls – Boys
4X100 M Relay           Girls – Boys
400 M Dash                 Girls – Boys
300 Low Hurdles         Girls – Boys
 800 M Run                   Girls – Boys
200 M Dash                 Girls – Boys
4X400 M Relay           Girls – Boys

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