Pipestone Meet Information 4/19

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Below is the information on the Pipestone Co-ed Meet.

Canby Students will be excused at 2:15, the bus will leave at 2:30 picking up Minneota and Lincoln HI in Lincoln HI.

Pipestone Co-ed Meet


Our intention is to have a relaxed, fun meet that combines the boys and girls place finishes in each event determining the final team score. We varied some of the traditional races to create a little more team emphasis.  Also, the intent of this meet is to help instill the True Team concept. This meet also helps athletes understand how important each place is no matter if it is first or last. This meet hopefully instills the value of TEAM. So like the True Team concept the top two individuals will be scored, however, we also want to provide a meet for everyone can get involved since there are only four teams. So you can enter up to 4 athletes per event.


  • There is no entry fee for this meet!
  • 4 entries per event except relays. Only the top two performances from each school will be scored.
    • The M.S.H.S.L. limitations of events rule will be followed.  A contestant may participate in a total of four (4) events but no more (3 track – 1 field; 3 field – 1 track; or 2 field – 2 track).  If a competitor competes in three (3) track events, only two (2) events may be 800 meters or longer.  Failure to follow these rules will result in the individual forfeiting all awards won and being disqualified from the meet.
    • Please inform athletes of uniform and jewelry rules prior to meet. We will follow the National Federation of State High School Association rules. No jewelry may be worn.  First team violation will be a warning and any other violations will result in disqualification.
    • Remember, taking pictures or videos of an athlete and showing them when they are competing is illegal. (Rule 4-5 Art. 8.) Therefore, no cell phones, cameras or video cameras are allowed on the track or infield. Pictures or video may be taken from behind the fence, but not shown to athlete while they are competing in an event. Athlete will be disqualified from that event!
    • The 1600 and 3200 races will be unique. The athletes will run the first 200 meters on the track. The race will continue out the north gate onto the cross country course outside the track with the athletes entering the track to finish the final 200 meters to the finish line.
    • All relays will be co-ed with 2 boys and 2 girls in any order.
    • A co-ed thrower’s relay will also be run. The thrower’s relay must consist of 2 boys and 2 girls that have only participated either the shot or discus.
    • No pole vault since not all teams have pole vault.

Order of Events                                                                                                Field Events

4×800 Relay (Coed)                                                                         Boys discus followed by girls
100 hurdles                                                                                         Girls shot followed by boys
110 hurdles                                                                                         Boys Triple jump followed by girls
100 Girls followed by boys                                                           Girls long jump followed by boys
4×200 relay (Coed)                                                                          Boys high jump followed by girls
1600 Girls/Boys together                                                              No Pole Vault
4×100 relay  ( Coed)
400 G-B
300 hurdles  G-B
800 G-B
200 G-B
3200 Girls/boys together
Throwers 4×100 relay (Coed) during the 3200
4×400 Relay (Coed) 


  • The top two place finishes of the boys and girls of each event will be added together to determine the final score in each event.
  • Scoring will be 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 for individual events.
  • Scoring for relays will 12-9-6-3.
  • The final team score will be the combined boy’s and girl’s scores from all the events.
  • The winning team will receive a trophy.

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